Real HIPSTER Stories – Adam Parker


We will be launching our new blog series “Real HIPSTER Stories” where we will interview and feature our amazing HIPSTER parents around the world.


Our first feature parent is a new daddy named Adam, whom we met through our recent Kickstarter campaign.  He lives in the Gold Coast in Australia with his partner Michelle and their lovely 2 month old baby girl, Emily. His favorite past time is photography.

How has fatherhood changed you?

I’ve always loved my parents, but it’s made me love and appreciate them even more. After having Emily and knowing what we went through to bring her into this world, It makes me appreciate them even more. It’s also made me feel more like an adult, even though I’m 35 and have done many adult things in life, knowing that another persons life is totally dependent on me is a massive responsibility.

Now that you are a dad, if you could give one advice or words of wisdom to yourself before you became a dad, what would it be?

Be prepared to be frustrated! I was ready to become a father and did a lot of reading and research leading up to the day I became a father, but nothing could prepare me for the frustration I felt in the first few weeks trying to work out what Emily’s problem was in the middle of the night while being deprived of so much sleep. I think we’ve been extremely luck though, Emily is such a good baby. She’s very relaxed and content, she doesn’t cry all that much and is already sleeping through the night most nights at only two months old. There were a few nights at the beginning when I was wondering what I had gotten myself into and wondering how I could love something so much, but it felt like she was doing everything in her power to try and drive me crazy. It makes me appreciate all the other parents out there that have unsettled babies!

Can you share with us a funny parenting experience?

One evening my partner Michelle had her mother and sister over for dinner. Her sister was so excited about her first niece and being an auntie for the first time and asked if she could change Emily’s nappy, we were more than happy for her to do so! She went off to the change room with my Michelles mother, Michelle and I were getting dinner ready when we heard a shriek come from the other room followed by Michelles mum laughing hysterically. We went into the room to find out what was going on, when we walked into the room we found Michelles sister covered in poo! It turns out that when she lifted Emily’s legs up to wipe her bottom, she projectile pooed all over her lacy top and into her pants pocket, there was such a mess that she had to get into the shower fully clothed as the poo had gone through the lace in her top. Needless to say, she’s never offered to change Emily again!

You got your HIPSTER PLUS carrier from our Kickstarter campaign. It’s not so conventional to order baby gear that hasn’t yet gone into production (we thank you for your trust) what led you to hit the “pledge” button and how was your whole Kickstarter experience?

As I said before, I had done a lot of research into baby stuff, that included researching products too. I had all but settled on one of the other major baby carriers out there, then I came across your Kickstarter campaign. I must admit it was very scary hitting the pledge button and I only did so after reading a lot of reviews about your first baby carrier and looking into you and your company. Everything that I read was very positive and people seemed to love the MiaMily brand and your first carrier, which put my mind at ease a little bit.

When I read everything that the HIPSTER PLUS was going to do, it appeared that it was going to leave every other carrier on the market today for dead. It seemed too good to be true, so I went ahead and hit the pledge button. It was a massive risk on my behalf as I’ve been burnt before on Kickstarter but I felt it was worth the risk if the product was as good as you claimed it was. After receiving my HIPSTER PLUS I can tell you it was well worth the risk, the quality and features are better than anything else I’ve looked at on the market.

Would you consider yourself to be a hands on dad?

Yeah to a degree I would. I try to get involved as much as I can, I feel that it helps me to bond more with Emily the more hands on I am. It’s been a little harder to be hands on since going back to work though as I feel like I’m missing out on a few of her milestones and missing out on that special bonding process. Michelle is being an amazing mother and partner though, trying to keep me as involved as she can by sending me photos and videos of Emily’s milestones as they happen, so I still feel like an important part of Emily’s life and so I’m not missing out on anything. While I may be a hands on dad, all the credit needs to be given to Michelle for being the best mother and partner I could have ever wished for.

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