Real HIPSTER™ Stories – Ameer and Georgette


This week’s HIPSTER parents are Ameer and Georgette. They live in San Diego and have a 9 month old daughter, Greta. They enjoy riding bikes, cooking and craft beer and Ameer also runs a wood making business, Look and Feel, making beautiful wood works and leather goods!

Hi Ameer, how has fatherhood changed you?

Fatherhood is amazing. I have much more compassion for people, more patience, and a huge appreciation for my parents and all of my friends who have had kids before me. I started my own business on the side making wood and leather goods, but that’s taken a back seat to fatherhood these past nine months. There’s always time to spend on work, but Greta will only be this cute and squish-able for a short time so I feel good about my shift in focus. I did make a leather backpack for myself i could use as a diaper bag, and a large leather tote for Georgette to use as her diaper bag!

Now that you are a dad, if you could give one piece of advice or any words of wisdom to yourself before you became a dad, what would it be?

Learn to be flexible, practice this before you need it. Babies and mothers have gone through a long 9 months together while you just put on some sympathy weight. Now the baby is here both Baby and Mother are really having a lot of things to adjust to. Dad’s body is just the same as before the baby even existed. Appreciate this comfort while you’re asked to do things that are uncomfortable like waking up, changing diapers, taking care of dinner, cleaning, etc. It’s manly to be hands on and dive right in to caring for the baby.

Hi Georgette, now that you’ve become a mother, how has your relationship with your mother changed?

“I definitely appreciate her much more now. I realize how hard it must have been for her with twins back in Taiwan with such little help. We spend more time together these days, and we get along better. I love having her around, seeing her with Greta is just so cute!”

Please share with us a funny parenting experience?

Greta was about 4 months old, and we were heading to a friend’s house for an early dinner get-together party. This was our first time leaving the house so late with Greta, and we planned to put her to sleep somewhere besides her own crib for the first time as well. It took us over a half an hour to pack up and get in the car. We pulled out of our parking spot, and up to the gate of our building and the door to the parking garage didn’t open. I got out of the car to inspect the gate and saw the chain that opens the gate had broken and chain links were on the ground. Greta was hysterical we were exhausted just from getting ready and anxious about the first time putting her to sleep at someone else’s house. We looked at each other and the broken gate and just turned right around, parked our car back in our spot, and went right back up to our place. We texted our friends that we weren’t gonna make the dinner, then opened a bottle of wine and ordered pizza!

You and Georgette recently just flew for the first time with your baby, can you share how HIPSTER helped you on this trip in Hawaii?

The hipster was a lifesaver. We flew to Arizona when Greta was 3months old, and that 1hr flight was pretty easy. The 5hr and 45min flight to Hawaii when she was 9 months old was a completely different experience. When she was grumpy Georgette would stand in the aisle with just the hipster base on holding Greta. When Greta slept we’d just put her facing in, and drape a blanket over her. Our arms would have died if we didn’t have the hipster on the plane. As far as the rest of the trip, we brought a stroller that we never used once -note to self no more strollers on vacation!! We’d take walks on the beach, go to food trucks, even just around the house we’d put her in the hipster and go. Greta loves swinging her legs while front facing, not missing out on any of the action.

What feature do you like the most about the HIPSTER baby carrier and how has it made your daily life easier?

By far my favorite is how comfortable it is. The other carriers I’ve used strap the baby to your torso. I can’t walk for very long with these and find they restrict my breathing, Georgette mentioned one time that I sure was breathing hard and Greta is under 20 pounds. With the hipster it feels like i’m just wearing my back support, something I often wear when woodworking with heavy pieces. I can carry Greta for long periods of time and my back won’t be the first thing to fatigue. I also like how easy it is to adjust, since Georgette is much smaller than me I cannot just grab a carrier and put it on after she’s worn it last. I also love the pocket under the seat!

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