Real HIPSTER™ Stories – Amp O’Connor


This week we are featuring Amp O’Connor, mom to 3 year old Gemma. They are based in the UK but have lived all over the world (Dubai, Switzerland, US, Singapore, and Thailand). She loves to travel and cook!

Now that you are mommy, if you could give go back in time and give one advice to your pregnant self, what would it be?

Don’t eat too much because it is hard to lose the weight after giving birth!

You travel so much with Gemma, what is a tip you can give to other parents who worry about traveling with a baby?

Get the flight timing right to fit in with the child’s sleeping pattern makes a big difference. Also, make sure to bring plenty of things to entertain your child i.e. books, toys, crayon, stickers, plain paper, etc. Finally, ensure that you take their favorite snacks with you for the trip so that they can eat familiar food during long journeys.

What feature do you like the most about the HIPSTER™ baby carrier and how has it made your daily life easier?

I like the supporting hip seat and face forward option. It makes things much more interesting for toddlers. Also, the pouch under the built-in seat is practical. HIPSTER™ is easy to use. Both mom and dad can use it.

When do you use the HIPSTER™ PLUS carrier the most and how do you use it?

We used HIPSTER™ PLUS when we travel especially at large airports where we can’t always get hold of her buggy until the baggage claim area. It can be a long walk and if Gemma is tired HIPSTER™ becomes a life saver. Also, if we travel where no lift is available, when it is crowded Gemma is sitting too low in her buggy and can’t see the view. We use HIPSTER™ PLUS facing forward so that she can see. We have also used HIPSTER™ PLUS when climbing up mountains in Taiwan!!!

I prefer the double shoulder set up as Gemma is now 15 kgs.+ and I need support for my back.

HIPSTER™ PLUS - Parenting made easier

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