Real HIPSTER™ Stories – Brittany Huston


For this week’s “Real HIPSTER Stories”, we’ll be featuring Brittany Huston who lives with her husband, Josh and one year old twin boys in Colorado.

She grew up always wanting twins and even begged her mom to buy her a double doll stroller and twin cabbage patch dolls with she was young.  She would pile all of her dolls into that stroller and wheel them around all day! So, needless to say, she was over the moon when she found out that they would be having twins!  Her childhoold dream came true!!  Being in Colorado, Brittany and Josh love to be outdoors and often take advantage of being in the mountains to go hiking, biking, or when the weather is not so nice, they enjoy spending time with the grand parents.

Now that you are mommy, if you could give go back in time and give one advice to your pregnant self, what would it be?

Just to relax and remember, “This too shall pass.”  When the boys are in a more difficult phase (teething, sleep regression, tantrums, etc.) it seems like it will never end, but they always come through it and return to their pleasant dispositions. Also to keep in mind that when my boys are giving me a hard time, that they themselves are having hard time. This helps me to stay calm and focus on helping them through whatever they are struggling with.

What feature do you like the most about the HIPSTER baby carrier and how has it made your daily life easier?

We absolutely love our Hipsters, especially how comfortable they make baby carrying. I spent many years being a nanny and used several different carriers, all leaving my back achey and sore. I assumed this was how it had to be. When I found out we were going to be having two babies and not just one, I spent hours researching, after all, I couldn’t just pile them in a stroller and push them around the house as I could with my dolls. I came across the Hipster and trusted the reviews, which stated it was the most comfortable carrier they’ve ever used. The Hipster has made having twins so much easier, and my back is no longer sore and tired from wearing my babies!

When do you use the HIPSTER PLUS carrier the most and how do you use it?

When the boys were little, I would use my Hipster around the house most often. I would need my hands for cooking, or doing other chores and at least one baby needed to be held at all times. I would use the base and the side shoulder strap. As they have grown more independent, we have used our Hipsters more on outings, wearing them on our backs. We keep them in the car, and often end up using them when we are out shopping. When I have a friend with me, I usually have her wear one of the boys, but I love that I can wear them both in tandem if needed. We also loved using the Hipsters on our vacation in Mexico. They were easy to pack, and made traveling so much easier! Many people stopped us when we were out to check out the product and said they have never seen anything like it!

You have many pictures of daddy using the carrier as well, can you share with us a little bit on daddy’s experience with babywearing?

Josh embraces everything about being a daddy and caregiver to our boys! One of the things he loves most about having twins is that he has to have a more direct roll in caring for them. The boys love being in their Hipsters with their daddy. They will go on walks around the neighborhood, which gives me a quiet house for a little bit! When they were younger, Josh had several projects around the house and he would typically have one of the boys on his back while he worked.

What are some silly twin questions that strangers love to ask you?

The most common question I get from strangers is, “Are they identical?” I would like to just carry a dictionary with me and ask people to look up the meaning of the word…they are not even close. They have different skin tones, hair and eye color. When they get older they are going to have a very hard time convincing people they are even brothers, let alone twins!

Can you share with us a funny moment that your twins had with each other?

Since they are so young, in order to really appreciate their funny moment you have to see it, to write about it would not be very engaging.

What is most challenging and what do you love most about having twins?

The most challenging thing about having two children the same age is sharing! They do not understand the concept, and end up fighting over toys all the time! But the good definitely outweighs the bad! We love watching the boys experience the world from their own unique perspective. They learn at different rates and respond differently to the same situations. We also love watching them engage with each other; they make up games to play together and run around giggling as they chase one another around the house. They have a constant playmate and we can already see the strong bond they share, that will hopefully be lifelong!

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