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Upgrade your detached Hip Seat with our Double Shoulder attachment and get a total of 6 carry positions.

Designed for backpack lovers, our Double Shoulder is an improvement on the traditional two strap carrier system. Combined with our ergonomic hip seat, your baby’s weight is redistributed and absorbed onto the seat so the pressure you would normally feel on your shoulders is drastically decreased, allowing you to comfortably carry your baby longer.

Newborn to 48 months (or 20 kg/44lbs)

compatible with HIPSTER™ Plus only

material: 100% polyester

machine washable

  • An improvement to traditional two strap system, baby's weight is supported by hip seat so less strain on your back and shoulders
  • up to 4 carry positions when combined with our hip seat. The newborn hold (from birth), side carry (4m and up), facing in (4m and up) or facing out (4m and up).

How to wash?

Which MiaMily carrier is the single shoulder compatible with?

Single shoulder works only with HIPSTER™ Plus

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