Life as parent made easier

9 ways to carry your baby with HIPSTER™ PLUS

Versatile and practical, for the years ahead

HIPSTER™ PLUS adapts while your baby grows

From birth use the 3D hip seat to support your arms when carrying and nursing your baby.

When your baby has gained a strong neck and head control, use the 3D hip seat with the double shoulder strap to carry your baby facing in.

Forward facing with HIPSTER™ PLUS is safe and fun. You can now be truly hands-free.

Back carry is a great option for heavier kids and long trips. And it's more comfortable for parent’s back.

With HIPSTER™ PLUS baby wearing will be your new favorite thing

As it is for these happy parents

Here's what the HIPSTER tribe say

I use the Hipster plus indoors and outdoors but most when I am out and about with the double shoulder strap. My baby girl likes to sit facing forward and loves to dangle her legs because she has happy feet. It goes everywhere me and the kiddies go. However, when I do use it indoor I prefer the hip seat for my youngest. Just makes it easier because she’ll want to be carried for 10 min then go down and play for another 10 and vice versa.
— Darlene Forteza, mom of 3
...I like the supporting hip seat and face forward option. It makes things much more interesting for toddlers. Also, the pouch under the built-in seat is practical. HIPSTER™ PLUS is easy to use. Both mom and dad can use it.
— Amp O’Connor, mom to 3 year old Gemma
When the boys were little, I would use my Hipster around the house most often. I would need my hands for cooking, or doing other chores and at least one baby needed to be held at all times. I would use the base and the side shoulder strap. As they have grown more independent, we have used our Hipsters more on outings, wearing them on our backs. We keep them in the car, and often end up using them when we are out shopping.
— Brittany Huston, mom of 2

A baby carrier has never been so easy to put on

Watch the "How to" videos by MiaMily

How to put on the HIPSTER™ PLUS 3D hip seat base

Using just the hip seat allows your baby to explore the world without feeling enclosed and makes it easier on your hands.

How to put on the HIPSTER™ PLUS double shoulder strap

Just zip up the standard double shoulder strap to the seat base and all the joys of being hands free are yours.

How to use HIPSTER™ PLUS in back carry position

Unlike other carriers, with HIPSTER™ PLUS getting your kid into this position is effortless.

How to use HIPSTER™ PLUS's single shoulder baby carrier top

Like to carry your baby on your hip? With the single shoulder add-on you can easily do it, while protecting your own back.

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