Real HIPSTER™ Stories – AJ Angsley

AJ and her husband are originally from Southern California and are now living in London. They are huge globe trotters and having two little ones (3.5 yo Abigail and 2 month old Addison) didn’t stop them from traveling. They had the goal “40 countries by 40th” and they will reach it this year!

Now that you are a mom of two, if you could go back in time, what words of wisdom would you give to yourself when you were pregnant with your first child?

Enjoy the alone time you have, get pampered, go shopping, and don’t buy too much baby clothes because they grow out of things so fast!

What is the biggest difference you experienced with your second child vs your first?

I am much more relaxed with baby’s needs, able to survive the sleepless nights, and still have a life with 2 kiddos in tow.

Being a mom, how has your relationship with your mother changed?

My relationship with my mom has changed drastically after becoming a mom. There are several traits I see in myself that i see in my mom. She raised me and molded me to how she wanted me to be so now I see the importance of teaching the right values and skills to my littles. It’s so interesting to see sometimes the ones that bothered you when you were younger and now you do the same thing. The phrase, like mother, like daughter does hold true.

Can you share with us your passion project, the children’s series book? What is the secret to finding the balance of work while taking care of two little ones?

It’s amazing how I got to follow my dreams of writing children books. It came unexpectedly as I was laid off from my job after returning from maternity leave. I decided I wanted to be a SAHM after this, but got a little antsy with just being with Abigail all day so thought back to writing and decided I wanted to pursue writing. I decided I wanted to do an alphabet series with different animals after research on other children books and what the market offered. I also wanted to give back to the community so have tied in the net proceeds to charities around the world.

My little secret to finding the balance is making lists and making a conscious effort on how long you’ve been working on something. Don’t stress yourself out or your passion for something will dry up fast!

What feature do you like the most about the HIPSTER™ baby carrier and how has it made your daily life easier?

I love the pouch below to store items and how much support the HIPSTER™ gives. I can wear it on an afternoon out and my back doesn’t ache one bit. Most importantly, my now 2 month old can easily SLEEP in it. I also feel like she’s not squished in it and looks very comfortable. Now, that has made my life easier.

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