Real HIPSTER™ Stories – Darlene Forteza

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For this week’s “Real HIPSTER™ Stories”, we spoke to Darlene Forteza who lives with her husband, and their 3 children in Los Angeles

Darlene´s 1st born is 15 yrs old girl, 2nd is 2.5 yrs old boy and her 3rd is 11.5 months old baby girl.


Now that you are a mom, if you could give go back in time and give one advice to your pregnant self, what would it be?

Listen to your body and make sure you get plenty of rest before baby’s debut. Make a to do list and be prepared ahead of time because you never know how soon your baby will arrive.

Compared to life with just one kid, how has your life changed now that you have a teenager, a toddler and a young baby?  What words of wisdom would you give to a mom who has only one kid?

To be honest, it’s challenging and rewarding at the same time. It can be hard having to find a balance for all 3 when you’re being pulled in so many directions but a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do. Put on her Super Woman cape and just be strong. I couldn’t do this without my amazing husband though. He is such a great daddy and partner I wish I could have 10 more.  Each child is a blessing and needs all the love and attention you can give them. So enjoy every moment with them while they are young because they grow so fast. Their future depends on you.

What feature do you like the most about the HIPSTER baby carrier and how has it made your daily life easier?

I love everything about it. The seat is probably the key feature for me that made all the difference. The fact that I could be hands free and wear it all day is amazing. I used to have so much back pain carrying my children in other carriers but with the hipster my pain is alleviated.  This is the most comfortable carrier for my child and I. My kids always enjoy being in it. If they made an adult size I’d get one for my husband to carry me. LOL

When do you use the HIPSTER PLUS carrier the most and how do you use it?

I use the Hipster plus indoors and outdoors but most when I am out and about with the double shoulder strap. My baby girl likes to sit facing forward and loves to dangle her legs because she has happy feet. It goes everywhere me and the kiddies go. However, when I do use it indoor I prefer the hip seat for my youngest. Just makes it easier because she’ll want to be carried for 10 min then go down and play for another 10 and vice versa.

You have many pictures of daddy using the carrier as well, can you share with us a little bit on daddy’s experience with baby wearing?

My husband found the carrier to be very comfortable as well and took a liking instantly. He had trouble wearing other baby carriers before. So it’s nice that we can share it. He’s a proud daddy to be able to wear his babies fashionably and comfortably. He’s 6’3’’ and makes baby wearing look very cool. LOL. It’s such a well made product. It sells itself. Very easy to put on and take off. Great for both carrier and baby. Baby wearing is such a breeze with the hipster carrier. I tell all my friends about it and I continue to spread the word when I see people with their little ones. It’s a conversation starter. We love our MiaMily Hipster. Your baby carrier makes all the difference.

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