Learn about how to use the different functions
and positions of the baby carrier, for
the optimal experience for you and your baby


How to put on the HIPSTER™ PLUS 3D hip seat base

Using just the hip seat allows your baby to explore the world without feeling enclosed and makes it easier on your hands.

How to put on the HIPSTER™ PLUS double shoulder strap

Just zip up the standard double shoulder strap to the seat base and all the joys of being hands-free are yours.

How to use HIPSTER™ PLUS in back carry position

Unlike other carriers, with HIPSTER™ PLUS getting your kid into this position is effortless.

How to use HIPSTER™ PLUS's Single Shoulder baby carrier top

Like to carry your baby on your hip? With the single shoulder add-on, you can easily do it, while protecting your own back.

How to use HIPSTER™ PLUS Infant Insert

With the infant insert for HIPSTER Plus baby carrier, you can carry your baby from newborn.

HIPSTER PLUS 3D baby carrier (6 plus 3 carry positions)

MiaMily has created a new 3D baby carrier that ensures your baby's hips are always in the right position in all 9 carry positions.