MiaMialy HIPSTER™ PLUS 3D Baby Carrier
  • Leave the stroller at home, now you can go out with just HIPSTER™ PLUS and your baby
  • Neat, functional design in neutral colors to dad’s taste
  • Truly hands free, HIPSTER™ PLUS has storage pockets for your phone and wallet
  • Closeness to you soothes the baby
  • Enjoy bonding with your little one
  • No more fatigue pain, thanks to the back supporting system
By far my favorite is how comfortable it is. The other carriers I’ve used strap the baby to your torso. I can’t walk for very long with these and find they restrict my breathing… With the hipster it feels like i’m just wearing my back support, something I often wear when woodworking with heavy pieces. I can carry Greta for long periods of time and my back won’t be the first thing to fatigue.
— Ameer, Greta’s dad, USA
I had done a lot of research into baby stuff, that included researching products too… When I read everything that the HIPSTER PLUS was going to do, it appeared that it was going to leave every other carrier on the market today for dead. It seemed too good to be true, so I went ahead and hit the button. After receiving my HIPSTER PLUS I can tell you it was worth it, the quality and features are better than anything else I’ve looked at on the market.
— Adam, Emily’s dad, Australia

The only baby carrier you'll ever need

HIPSTER™ PLUS 3D baby carrier can handle up to 44lbs (20kg) or a 3 yo

Fits a waist of up to 51 inches (130 cm). The add-on extender belt adds 20 inches (sold separately)

The built-in 3D seat allows your baby to sit comfortably and safely, facing both in and out

The high waist belt distributes the weight evenly, ensuring maximum comfort and proper posture

No need to adjust the belt - the velcro strap allows it to fit both mom and dad

Side pocket for your phone and wallet. Large pocket under the 3D seat for everything else - diapers, pacifier, etc

Breathable during hot weather

Approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute

MiaMialy HIPSTER™ PLUS 3D Baby Carrier