The most comfortable and practical baby carrier on the planet. — Jessica K, Los Angeles


Next Generation 3D Baby Carrier

  • Takes the weight off your back with a sturdy 3D hip seat
  • Prevents hip dysplasia with healthy ‘M’ positioning recommended by pediatricians
  • Keeps everything at hand with multiple pockets for everyday essentials
  • Goes wherever life takes you with 9 different carrying positions


Modern & Practical Swiss Design

Better for Baby

The 3D hip seat means baby’s hips are always in the correct ‘M’ position recommended by pediatricians, even when facing forward. You just can’t wear it the wrong way.

MiaMialy HIPSTER™ PLUS 3D Baby Carrier

Better for You

No need to stick out a hip. The sturdy built-in seat distributes your baby’s weight evenly. So you can stand tall without straining your back.

MiaMialy HIPSTER™ PLUS 3D Baby Carrier

The Last Carrier You’ll Ever Need

You don’t have to decide. With 9 different ways to carry your baby, the HIPSTER ™ PLUS provides the benefits of a hip seat, a structured carrier AND a ring sling in one carrier.

MiaMialy HIPSTER™ PLUS 3D Baby Carrier


We've recently gone on a roadtrip with multiple "touristy" stops. With the stormy-rainy weather in California and the snow in Utah, being able to transfer baby from car seat to carrier in a breeze is truly heaven sent! At the same time, we were able to keep baby warm and dry. The storage underneath the seat, the pockets, the cellphone holder, you'll really know the product was carefully thought out, which i really appreciate. With the storage underneath the seat, you can stuff baby essentials in it thus you can do away a bulky diaper bag. Meaning free hands to eat or take a picture or just grab the railings to steady yourself.

After trying many carriers, I'm glad we came across the 3D Hipster. It is so comfortable for both my husband and me. The hard seat makes it more comfortable for our son who had circulation issues with all of the other carriers we tried. Whether I am cleaning the house, running errands, or out hiking I know I can rely on my Hipster to be comfortable the entire time. I love that it is so versatile. There are so many ways to wear it, it fits every situation!!

I'm obsessed with finding the best product. After 3 carriers, I can't believe I finally found it!!! I'm a tiny person, 5'2 100lbs and all the other carriers I had never gave me sufficient support. I ended up resorting to the stroller. My baby just loves being carried and when I found 3D Hipster, I can never use anything else. Not only it provides ample support for me, my baby loves being in it so much. The structure supports his hip so well and the Y shape design gives him lots of support but at the same time not restrictive so he can freely waves his arms and legs around. Hands down, best carrier EVER!

Yeah, I put my stroller away as I don't need it anymore :))
It's more convenient to walk with my baby in this carrier, having her close to me, talk to her and easily put her down on her feet when she wants to walk herself.
I love pockets, easiness of use, safety. I purchased single shoulder attachment too so I can play with different positions. It is useful at home as well - I put on just the seat and we make breakfast together.
So far it's our best purchase since my lovely girl was born.

I absolutely love this baby carrier. It fits nicely and is easy to adjust. It's also very easy to put your child in without help, like some other carriers require. Super comfortable for both me and baby. I've used wraps, slings and buckle carriers and this is my go-to. I love it. It's ergonomical, comfortable on the wearer and the baby. Very well made, and wide enough to be good for even a toddler's hips and holds the child's legs in a good position, unlike the narrower brands.

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