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Common Issue

Hip Dysplasia is a condition where the ball of the thighbone doesn’t quite fit securely into the hip socket. If baby’s hips are stretched out too much it might distort the cup-shaped socket. Hip dysplasia doesn’t hurt for a baby, but it can lead to unnecessary permanent damage to the hips. No carrier can cause hip dysplasia if the baby doesn’t already have hip dysplasia as a pre-existing condition. In Switzerland, we have mandatory hip ultrasounds at 2 months old but not all countries require this mandatory check up and since hip dysplasia is a silent condition (no pain to the baby), sometimes hip dysplasia can be left undetected till too late. 


The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has tested and approved our HIPSTER™ PLUS as a hip healthy product.

We incorporated a 3D hip seat specifically for this purpose, it ensures your baby’s hips are always in the correct M position, Knees bent, hips bent and open to the side and thighs supported. It’s impossible to position your baby wrongly.

Hip Dysplasia is a silent condition. Our hip seat ensures your baby's legs are always in the correct M position.