We have created new category in a traditional market that hasn’t seen any product evolution in the past decade. Our unique 3D hip seat absorbs the weight of your baby so you will feel significantly less pressure on your back and shoulders, this allows you to carry your baby close to you for a longer period of times effortlessly.
The focus of proper hip positioning is keeping the thighs supported at hip level (M position) so the thigh bone stays inside the hip socket. Our hip seat ensures baby’s thighs are fully supported at hip level at all times in all 9 carry positions. It’s impossible to wear your baby the wrong way.
No carrier can cause hip dysplasia if it is not already an existing condition for your baby. Our hip seat design ensures baby's hips are in the correct position for proper hip development.
Yes! We are happy to say that you can bond with your baby in our carrier even when your baby has to wear a hip brace. Our hip seat makes it possible for the baby to sit comfortably with a hip brace.
It’s easy to nurse in our carriers. Lower the hip seat so baby's head is at the right height, then loosen your shoulder straps for baby to nurse discreetly.
Our 3D hip seat ensures that the baby’s hips are always in the proper “M” position for healthy hip development, so it is safe to forward-face carry in all our carriers. We recommend forward facing at 6 months old when your baby has good head and neck control and developmentally ready to explore the world around them.
Our in carrier safety belt is designed to wrap around your child and give extra security for babies under 8 months.

If you are using the carrier with an infant insert, there's no need to use the infant safety belt. You may remove the infant insert safety belt off the carrier once your baby is 8 months old.
It’s definitely possible to use our carriers when pregnant. It’s actually very helpful as the hip eat support your child's weight and the high waist belt relieves the pressure on your back but since every pregnancy is different, we recommend you first consult with your doctor.
HIPSTER™ PLUS and HIPSTER™ Smart has a full waist belt and is fully adjustable for all body types. The waist belt can fit a waist of 130 cm. With the extender belt (sold separately), it can fit up to 180 cm. We like to call our extender belt the “waist slimmer” as the high waist band is very flattering.
Our products are all designed in Switzerland, assembled responsibly in China.
We love supporting lending libraries and are happy to offer an opportunity for your members to try out our carrier. Please email questions@miamily.com with the following details: name of the lending library, location, number of members, and if you have a website or a Facebook group.
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